Why You Need a Building Professional For Your Home Remodel

There’s nothing like the feeling of rolling up your sleeves and taking a do-it-yourself approach to issues around the house. From drippy faucets to creaky hinges, there are all sorts of small fixes that the crafty homeowner can undertake on his or her own. However, when it comes to a full home remodel, DIY may not be the way to go. Whether or not you have the skill to install a new set of kitchen cabinets or hang a door, your home is likely by far your most valuable possession, and you would be wise to protect it as an investment. A design professional can make sure that any additions you plan and replacements you make will be well integrated into the home and make for a cohesive aesthetic. Read on for more reasons why you need a professional for your home remodel.

Make the Most of Your Space

One of the biggest reasons for a remodel is a lack of space. If you’re constantly bumping your elbows in the kitchen, knocking your knees in the den, or bumping your head in the basement, it might be a sign that you could use a little extra room in your rooms. Whether you’re going to expand on a room or add a whole new addition to the home, this project shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. A design professional can help make sure you’re maximizing the potential of the square footage you have and help you plan to make the most of the space you’re adding. A professional can help you design a layout that allows you to live comfortably and efficiently in however much space your home affords you.

Merging Old with New

When you remodel a home you’re bringing a whole new space into play, which brings with it a new energy. The places you spend the most time in your home have a certain feel to them—the energy of the room—and expanding that room can change the energy. A design professional can help you integrate the old spaces in your home with the new so that they merge seamlessly, keeping the energy of your home peaceful and inviting.

Remodeling as an Investment

Not only will your home be more comfortable to live in once it’s remodeled, but it might even be worth more. A well-designed home remodel can have a significant return on investment—sometimes well over 100%. Many homes and condos in Kona haven’t been updated in years, and new buyers might be looking for steep discounts on un-remodeled spaces. But a slapdash chef’s island and a DIY bathroom sink won’t have the same effect as a professionally designed space, and may do more harm than good. If you’re planning to renovate, we urge you to combine all your improvements into one project, thus saving you money in the long run.

Design professionals have all sorts of expert knowledge that the average homeowner simply isn’t privy to. They have information about all the latest technologies, materials and fixtures, and how to make a home a little more spacious and a lot more efficient. A design professional will communicate with builders, electricians, plumbers and contractors on your behalf in order to make sure your remodel comes in on budget and on time. When you work alongside Greg Putman you’ll be able to blend your strengths with his, making Greg Putman Construction an excellent choice to handle your home remodel.