The Difference Is in the Details

hawaii construction project

“Greg’s focus on details reflects his longstanding dedication to his craft.” – Shane Kitchens

One of the key pieces of feedback we receive is about our clients’ happiness with our attention to detail. This is something we take very seriously so it means a lot to us when clients tell us they notice.

Why does this matter? In construction and remodeling projects, there are many layers and levels of detail, and we believe it is all-important to the project’s outcome. When you hire Greg Putman Construction you can take confidence in the fact that we are looking out for the success of your project in all dimensions. Here are some examples of what we mean:

Ensuring that an addition to your home fits in seamlessly.

“One would not know that the roofs added over the Lanai were not part of the original construction.”

 – Keith and Zilla Patten

Understanding and respecting the rules, etiquette, and boundaries of the developments where we work and adhering to approved plans.

“During the early years of development in Bayview Estates, I encountered problems from some builders-mostly work hours, loud radios, and site cleanup. As a member of the Design Review Committee, I also witnessed some problems with builders not adhering to approved plans. I can honestly say that there was not one problem with Greg’s work that came my way either on the Board or the Design Review Committee.” – Dan Woolley

Finishes, fixtures, and design details that reflect what our clients want and that work with the approved style, project timelines, and budget.

“Greg was involved in a number of upgrades to the house, and I have always found him to be meticulous in his work/attention to detail. He is committed to “excellence” in his finish work, which is always completed on time and within the budget promised.” – Phil Steel

We always want to offer our clients our very best.

“The quality of his work is impeccable and attention to detail exemplary.” – Frank Le Rose