Building on the Big Island: Step 5 – Determining Steps and Timing

This provides a general overview of project flow and timing for building. Specifics can vary a lot from project to project depending on the scope and scale.

This process varies depending on which building service method (listed here previously), that you choose. However, six to twelve months is typical for this phase of the process.

Concept-Design Process

Reviewing preliminary plans and projected costs of construction with site development will take a few weeks. If you agree to continue further, you can use this time to search for funding of your project as necessary.

Final plans and specifications, including engineering, septic design, landscaping and early fixture selections will take one-to-three months depending on the level of detail and size of the project. Finalizing the budget and getting actual bids and detailed cost estimates will take one to two months. After that you can work on your preliminary financing.

Please note: Financing is typically not processed by lenders, until a building permit is in hand. This could mean an extra 45-60 day delay in starting work. In addition, your interest rate is not necessarily locked between application and approval.

Permits and Approvals

Applying for a County Building Permit (and getting Association approval if needed), can take six to nine months. The architect will handle these submissions.

Continue Planning

This is where the details are filled in and the building timeframe develops further. (This phase may overlap with other processes.)

We select the early sub-contractors we wish to work with (now needed for EPIC county permit submittals).  review lead times for special materials needed at startup of construction. Many products now are 12-14 weeks away instead of the past 8-10 week period.

Start Site Work

This includes putting in retaining walls, pools, grading, drainage, and utilities. Time varies depending on the condition of the lot and can take a couple of weeks to a few months.

Next, we work on the building foundation and continue through the entire construction process which will take three-to-twelve months depending on size, complexity, desired pace, and financial loan terms (if any).

Some ‘Rules of Thumb’ for Timing

To give you a general formula for estimating timing for your build – use 350-400 square feet of house, lanai, and garage erection per month for a quality-built home. This means a 3200 sq. ft. project divided by 400 equals eight months of building time.

Landscape, finish grading, pool plaster, and startup, final permit signoffs, obtain last of the lien releases, file notice of completion and move in, takes approximately one month.

This means it takes a half year to plan and a year to build a quality 3,000-6,000 sq. ft. home on a prepared lot with pool and landscaping,

Perhaps six months for planning and building a package home with upgrades on a prepared house pad.

The final step? Sit back, enjoy, and reflect on a product and experience well done!